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Scarification & Aeration -Hollow tine

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Before we visit

Cut lawn to a height lower than normal. Please ensure it’s not long as we may have to reschedule. 

After we visit


The scarified lawn will need a lot of water to regenerate and recover. Allow 3+ months as a minimum when the grass is actively growing. – this does not include the slowing growth late Autumn/early Spring and dormant the Winter periods. Rain is ideal, but to improve the recovery time and results additional watering with a sprinkler is recommend every couple of days for an our or more each area the sprinkler can cover.  Some scarified lawn areas may require patch repairing with seed where the grass was sparse or moss/weed infested. This is normal and a more cost effective approach for customers who do not want the outlay of a full lawn renovation or overseeing service. We can quote for lawn repairs at separate cost, to be done in mid/late Spring or early/mid Autumn.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

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