Covid-19 Update

How Lawn Tiger are responding to Covid-19


Updated 5th January 2021.

In view of the latest Government advice, we want to assure our valued customers of the measures Lawn Tiger will continue to take to limit our mutual potential exposure to Coronavirus (Covid-19). We are grateful can continue to safely provide our services to our customers as we work outsidealone, with appropriate PPE, and do not need any direct contact with our customers or to enter your home to get the job done effectively.

Before we visit:

We will always notify you in advance of the appointment date by email. To reduce physical contact, please ensure all items such as furniture, toys, etc are cleared from the lawn (unfortunately we can't move anything) and leave your garden gate open so we can walk directly to the lawn. 

On arrival:

Like many other services, such as window cleaners, we will get straight to work wearing appropriate PPE. We will knock at your door, maintaining a safe distance, if your garden gate is not open/unlocked. We won't be offended if you prefer not to open the door.


During our visit:

We respectfully ask you, your family and pets keep a minimum 2 metre distance between yourself and our staff at all times. If you need to speak to us, we're happy to do so, but please maintain a safe distance. 

After the Visit:

Our after service email will be sent, with a copy of the invoice. Please be reminded we are not leaving a paper invoice or accepting cash or cheques. If we notice anything about your lawn that needs your attention, please look at that email for the technician notes. We will ensure regular sanitising of our van, equipment and other regular used items.​

 Thank for your continued understanding and support in these challenging times.

Stay safe and very best regards,

Russell Cobley


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