Late Spring Treatment & Weed Control

Weeds will start to grow, in your lawn between Spring and early Autumn with favourable warmer wet weather. As weeds complete for space with grass they can quickly take over and run the appearance and health of your lawn.

Our treatment is designed to target broad leaf lawn weeds with our selective herbicides. These are far more effective than anything available in garden centres or DIY stores. Importantly, we have completed specific training and certification that's legally required to buy and safely apply professional weed control products.


We are one of the few lawn care companies to also apply beneficial seaweed soil conditioners and liquid fertiliser to further improve the health and appearance of your lawns - all at no extra cost. 

How is it applied:

We use a professional sprayer to apply the correct dose on still days, ideally in dry conditions, in Spring with a second application in early Autumn. If it's to windy or wet we will need to reschedule the treatment. If your lawn is infested with weeds, we may need to blanket spray the entire lawn on the first treatment but will spot treat weeds ongoing. ​​It will typically take 2-3 weeks to work and weeds will naturally break down or disappear from the lawn with regular mowing over subsequent weeks.


Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets but we advise to stay off the treated area for 2 hours or until visibly dry

  • Far more effective than any products available in garden centres or DIY stores

  • Lawn safe - does not impact the grass. 

  • Majority of existing weeds typically controlled within 3 weeks (some problem weeds may need a further application 3-6 months later)

  • Improves beneficial organic soil activity

  • Grass can become more healthy and denser

  • Improves lawn appearance

  • Reduces opportunity for further weeds or moss to take hold in the lawn

Late Spring Treatment & Weed Control Summary:


April - May (weed spot treatment is included in our Summer & Autumn treatments)


Controls lawn weeds and provides addition nutrients to allow grass to flourish and improve it's health and appearance.

What is applied:

Liquid herbicide (weed killer) safe for use on lawns, plus beneficial liquid seaweed & liquid fertiliser.

Other Treatments that can be applied at the same time:

Summer & Autumn fertiliser. 





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Safe products 

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