Lawn Disease Management Treatment

When grass is under stress it can lead to a number of lawn diseases taking hold. Some will cause minor cosmetic damage to the grass blades, others can kill of large areas of the lawn, ultimately ruining the lush green appearance. One of the most common and easily recognised diseases is called red thread. 


What causes lawn diseases?

There are a number of likely causes including;

  • Weather conditions - too hot/humid or dry, too cold (with snow/frost).

  • The lawn not being cut properly (non sharp blades, cutting too short). 

  • Lawn lacking sufficient nutrients.


How can lawn diseases be prevented?

Lawns will be more disease resistant with balanced nutrition year round, such as our seasonal lawn treatments plus having the lawn aerated annually and scarified when thatch levels are too high. Ensure your mower blades are always sharp for a clean cut, plus not cutting too short or allowing the grass to get too long and cutting off more than 1/3 of the height when mowed. 


How can lawn diseases be treated?

If we determine it’s necessary, we have an effective lawn disease management treatment that will reduce the activity of the disease to help it from spreading, allowing the grass to recover. There are no longer any products available that can “cure” lawn diseases. However, in most cases, once the disease has taken hold the affected lawn areas may need to be repaired anyway. We may also recommend applying a specific fertiliser instead. Rest assured we will advise the most appropriate treatment depending on the lawns condition, disease type and weather conditions. 


The lawn disease management treatment will be more effective when applied at the first sign of disease, so please do contact us if you have any concerns. You can email us a few photos of the lawn to and we will be happy to report back with our recommendations. 

How is it applied?

  • A fine liquid spray over your lawn. 


Key features:

  • Safe to use lawn once the spray is visibly dry, typically in 2 hours. 

  • Helps control lawn diseases from spreading. 

  • Targets;  Anthracnose, Dollar Spot, Fusarium (Microdochium Patch), Leaf Spot, Red Thread, and Rust.

  • Do not mow for 3 days after applying.

Lawn Hydration Treatment Summary:


All year round, subject to weather extremes (snow, frost, rain, wind). Optimal times are when the grass is actively growing. 



Helps limit the spread of lawn diseases.

What is applied:

Liquid spray of professional lawn fungicide. 

Book your free lawn survey. We will advise how you can get the lawn you've always wanted. 

Red thread disease photo

(zoom in to see the fluffy pink and thin red sections of the disease).

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