Ant Stop! Granules 300g

Ant Stop! Granules are an easy to use dust-free granules for use indoors or outside that ants take back to their nest to destroy the whole colony.

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Home Defence Ant Stop! Granules are a highly attractive bait that ants take back to their nest to kill the whole colony from one application. It contains a active ingredient called spinosad which is widely accepted as one of the few ‘next generation’ insecticides to achieve approval in organic agriculture. Spinosad is derived through the fermentation of natural soil bacteria.

This advanced formula is not designed to kill ants instantly. Instead they take the Ant Stop! Granules back to the nest to kill the queen, workers and immature larvae. In this way the whole colony is destroyed ensuring 100% effectiveness.

Home Defence Ant Stop! Granules are supplied in a shaker applicator jar containing 300g of dust-free granules.

How to use:

  1. Always read and follow the product packaging instructions carefully.
  2. For ant nests in lawns, we recommend mixing up into a water solution as per the product packaging instructions. Use a garden fork to spike deep into the nest, the pour in the liquid.
  3. Alternatively, sprinkle onto surfaces indoors and outdoors where ants are running or diluted in water and washed into the nest.


Use plant protection products and biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Granules™ Contains Spinosad.

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