Lawn Seed - All Rounder 2Kg

Limagrain Estate is a quality hard wearing rye/fescue seed mix that’s quick to establish and great all rounder option for domestic lawns repairs or overseeding.

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Full Description

The perennial rye-grass content in this mix ensures fast establishment and ability to tolerate wear. Chewings fescue adds a fine leaved appearance and ensures some resistance to drought. Strong creeping red fescue will spread to fill out the lawn over time. It has a special coating called HEADSTART® GOLD that works to help improve grass establishment in all situations.

This 2Kg bag will cover 40m2 for seeding bare patches, or 60m2 for overseeding existing lawn.

Suitable For:

  • Domestic Lawns
  • High Wear Areas
  • Reseeding
  • Lawn bare patch repairs

Key Features

  • Excellent long term wear tolerance
  • Quickly established
  • Rapid coverage
  • True amenity cultivars


Sowing Rate: 35g/m2

Cutting Height: 25mm

Seed Mixture: 

15% Columbine Perennial Ryegrass
20% Passion Perennial Ryegrass
10% Double Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
25% Tetramagic Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
30% Heidrun Strong Creeping Red Fescue

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