Biology Booster

Supercharge your lawn with a natural-based, non-chemical treatment to add additional beneficial soil microbes for better soil and grass health. 

The foundation of a beautiful lush green lawn starts with healthy soil. Our Biology Booster treatment, adds a super dose of natural beneficial soil bacteria and fungi to enhance the soil, allowing the grass plant to flourish. It also helps the breakdown of thatch (dead organic matter) that’s damaging for a lawn by limiting nutrients, air and water from reaching the soil. The microbes are an essential part of the soil food web, working in harmony with the grass plant. Without microbes, grass would struggle to survive. Sometimes a lawn’s soil biology is out of balance and resulting in a lacklustre appearance. That’s where our Biology Booster treatment can help.


Biology Booster

How is it applied?

  • Liquid spray over your lawn (you don't have water it in).

Key benefits:​​​

  • Safe and non-chemical
  • Boosts the soil food web naturally
  • Replaces beneficial soil organisms killed by drought, frost, waterlogging, compacted & unhealthy soil
  • Makes essential nutrients more soluble and available to the grass plant
  • Assists repair of lawn disease, lawn grub damage and dry soil patch conditions
  • Increases grass roots for a more healthy grass plant
  • Helps reduce thatch by breaking it down into beneficial humus, improving water and nutrient retention



Soil Food Diagram

This service is offered in additional to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

How can I get this service?

This service is available:
On its own or as part of a lawncare package

Service SuMMARY

When: Two times between April - September
Why: Improved soil microbial activity for a more healthy lawn.
Other services that can be applied at the same time:
What is applied: Liquid spray

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