Japanese Knotweed Treatment

We provide Japanese Knotweed control services in Surrey and Sussex.

What is it?

Japanese Knotweed is a perennial invasive plant with rapid annual growth that spreads easily, overwhelming other plants. It’s formed of hollow bamboo like stems, up to 3 metres in height, that are green with red/purple flecks in Spring/Summer. The canes typically form dense clumps. The leaves are lush green, shovel shaped up to 12cm long. Cream/White clusters or flowers form on the tops of most stems between August and October.  In Autumn, the flowers and leaves fall away, resulting in just the tall stems that will break down naturally. In Spring the rhizome sends up new shoots to form new canes. The rhizome can be 3 metres deep and extend 7 meters wide making this a difficult plant to eradicate. 


What is the impact?

  • Out competes for our native wildlife due to the knotweed’s highly invasive and vigorous growth.
  • It can cause structural damage to hard surfaces (grows through tarmac) and property. Lawns and gardens can also become infested.
  • It can devalue your land and/or property
  • The dense cane clumping can encourage vermin

What can be done?

Cutting the canes, digging up or burying the plants/rhizomes, if not done correctly, will cause it to spread further and is very expensive to complete.  It is an offence to plant or cause Japanese knotweed to spread in the wild under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and all waste containing Japanese knotweed comes under the control of Part II of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The most effective, cheapest and least environmentally impacting solution is treatment by chemical control. This is normally takes place between April and October with a minimum of two, ideally three applications per year over at least three years. We provide that treatment via a specialist stem injection of herbicide which is transported by the plants natural process into the rhizome. This type of treatment also means no waste has to be removed from the site.

This service is offered in additional to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

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