Weed Treatment - Hard Surfaces

Weeds will start to actively grow, in your paths, driveways, patios or other hard surface areas between Spring and early Autumn. Combined with moss, algae and lichen, they not only look unattractive but can lead to unsafe walkways, damaged surfaces and create slippery areas.

How do I get rid of weeds on my driveway, patio or path?

If you jet wash, rake or pull weeds out, you often only break off the top section, leaving the roots intact to quickly regrow. Moss is not easy to brush out unless you jet wash it. Both are time consuming for you and requires the purchase  products from a garden centre or DIY store. Jet washing is also quite invasive and usually means re-applying kiln dried sand to block paving, further increasing time and cost. 

Our weed control solution:

We can take the hassle away and target weeds and moss, algae and lichen with our professional grade products that get the job done quickly and effectively. We can also treat tennis courts or other hard surface areas (please ask). Our staff have completed specific training and certification that's legally required for us to purchase and safely apply professional weed control products (pesticides). We will be happy to show you our certification ID when we visit. 

Our treatments:

1. Weed Control - Hard Surfaces

Targets the weeds actively growing. Typically applied in Spring and Summer and early Autumn to keep on top of weeds. Cost effective option. 

2. Weeds Control Plus - Hard Surfaces

Targets weeds actively growing in gravel areas only, plus has a residual effect up to 5 months for weeds not yet emerged in the treated areas. Typically applied in Spring and early Autumn. 

3. Moss, Algae & Lichen Control - Hard Surfaces

A safe and easy way to targets moss, algae and lichens on hard surfaces, has a residual effect lasting up 1-2 months. It can be applied all year round, unless too wet or frosty/frozen ground. Treatments 1 & 2 can usually be combined with 3 for extra effect when required:

How is it applied:

We use a professional sprayer to apply the correct liquid dose on still days, ideally in dry conditions. If it's to windy or wet we will need to reschedule the treatment. If your hard surface area is infested with weeds, we may need to blanket spray the entire area on the first treatment but will plan to spot treat weeds ongoing. ​​It will typically take 2-3 weeks to work on weeds that will naturally break down afterwards. Moss will turn from a green to light brown colour within 48 hours and will gradually break down with the elements. 


Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets but we advise to stay off the treated area for 2 hours or until visibly dry

  • Far more effective than any products available in garden centres or DIY stores

  • It's  safer for us to apply correctly and you don't have to store the weed products

  • You do not have to spend hours weeding, raking, brushing or jet washing. 

  • Existing weeds typically controlled within 2-3 weeks - weather dependant

  • Optional 5 month lasting weed control treatment

  • Moss, algae and lichen controlled within 48 hours - weather dependant

  • Reduces the risk of slippery surfaces

  • Improves the appearance of driveways, paths and patios

Lawn Weed Treatment Summary:


March-October (weather/temperatures dependant)


Effectively kills weeds, moss, algae & lichen on driveways, path, patios and other hard surface areas. 

What is applied:

Liquid total weed killer and optionally a liquid treatment to control moss, algae and lichen. All are approved and safe for use hard surface areas.

Other Treatments that can be applied at the same time:

Spring, Summer & Autumn fertiliser.  Lawn Weed Control 

Book your free survey. We will advise how you can improve the appearance of your hard surface areas. 

Safe products applied correctly by our trained staff

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