Below are some common questions we are asked. We’ve broken them down in to three key groups: General, Lawn Treatments and Lawn Care Advice.  Feel free to get in touch if you have a question about our services and treatments.

General Questions:

The purpose of lawn treatments is to improve lawns density, health and appearance, reduce weeds and moss plus improve the soil. Regular lawn mowing and seasonal weather reduces the nutrients in the grass, which need replenishing if you want to lush green lawn. Lawns are great for the environment and highly efficient in turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing an area for wildlife to use and obtain food from. A healthy 230m2 lawn can produce enough oxygen for a family of 4, not to mention a safe, fun outside area to enjoy with your family.  Lawns offset solar heat through cooling evaporation. It’s like natural air conditioning on a hot day. You will not get any of the above benefits with hard landscaping or environmentally damaging artificial grass. We actively encourage healthy lawns.

Don’t wait, contact us today and we will be pleased to answer any queries or arrange a free lawn survey for you.

We stand by the excellent results and top reviews from our customers. We may cost more than you buying a small pack of lawn feed but we can confidently say that our products will last far longer and will give superior results. Our granular fertilisers are organic based and chosen for the results and positive environmental benefits. They will last 3 months and give a slow release of the nutrients.  Compared to typical DIY lawn feeds that last 4 weeks and used fast release nutrients that give a quick response but runs out of puff very quickly. Those products are also a jack of all trades doing feed, weed and moss in one go. In our opinion that does not give the best results for your lawn. Do you know when you should be controlling weeds or moss? If not we recommend you don’t use those combined products as you can easily damage your lawn and get poor results, not to mention a risk of polluting the environment. 

We  have access to the best professional weed control products that the public just cannot buy. We are confident our weed treatments will give you superior and rapid results. 

We take away the hassle of knowing what products to use, save your time going to shops/garden centres and trying inferior products with the uncertainty of the right time of year, weather conditions and the application rate to apply it.

Beyond the treatments being applied you get a lawn expert giving an update on your lawn condition on every visit and access to our knowledge between visits if you have any questions. 

Simply put if you want hassle free, great results we have the solution.  

Yes. It’s rare we find a lawn we can’t improve and will give honest advice on what we can do to ensure your expectations are met. Either way we can help! 

No, we are self-sufficient and as long as we can gain access to the lawn areas we can apply the treatments if you are not at home. 

Yes, our technicians are trained and NTPC certified. Lawn Tiger is accredited to the Government backed BASIS Lawn Assured scheme and Amenity Standard to demonstrate we work to the highest standards for the safety of our staff, customers and the environment 

No, we provide our services without a long-term commitment, on a continual basis where you can cancel at any time. 

Most customers use our convenient and secure automated debit/card payment system that charges your card on completion of the agreed and pre-notified treatment. You can optionally pay easily by card after each treatment too. A link to the payment is on each after service email. We also offer monthly instalments.

We are a trusted local independent family run business, able to offer a high level of customer service, fast response times and a flexible approach to how we treat our customers’ lawns. We make it simple for you, but our treatments are tailored for your lawn, rather than a one size fits all approach that the large national franchise may offer. You will also get a consistent lawn technician visiting, which allows us to better track progress with your lawn and adapt should any issues from the seasonal weather arise.

By choosing Lawn Tiger you will receive a high quality of service from a local independent business. We are one of the few lawn care companies to be fully accredited to the Government backed Lawn Assured scheme and a member of the UK Lawn Care Association, which demonstrate our professionalism and dedication to working to the highest standards for our staff, customers and the environment. 


We only provide professional lawn care, so have the experience, expertise, professional calibrated machinery to get the job done right. It’s easy to buy DIY lawn care proceeds and over apply then damage your lawn or under apply and get no benefit. Let us take away the hassle and uncertainty. We use the best lawn products that are more effective and last far longer than anything available to the public. We don’t use combined feed/weed products, instead match the fertiliser to your grass & soil type, weather conditions and the seasons to get the best results. 

Yes, we are happy to work in conjunction with professional gardeners. We specialise and only provide lawn care services, so can offer the best possible service to get a great lawn. Your gardener is then able to focus on the many other aspects of your garden. 
We will clear green waste off your lawn for services that generate green waste, such as scarification or hollow tine aeration. We have found our customers prefer the reduced cost option for them to dispose of the waste at their property, such as a compost pile, or we can loan you large garden waste bags to plan your own disposal. We collect the empty loan bags on a future treatment visit. Alternatively, for an extra charge, we can arrange for green waste to be collected from your property by a licensed waste contractor for green recycling. 
No, we are an independent, family run lawn care and weed control company focussing on excellent friendly service with a more personal touch. Being a trusted local business, we understand the soil and weed types, weather and all other conditions that can cause lawn issues, allowing us to provide just what your lawn needs to improve and flourish. We believe we can offer greater flexibility than a franchise in beneficially treating your unique lawn as we don’t have a one size fits all approach with the products we use. 

Lawn Treatment Questions:

Yes, including adults too! This is on the basis we are trained, certified to use and apply products correctly. 

If we apply a liquid treatment we advise to keep off the treated areas until they are visibly dry, which is typically in two hours. Keep grazing pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, etc, off the grass for at least 14 days or until weeds have disappeared from the lawn.

If we apply granular treatments (fertiliser) the lawn can typically be used immediately but if you have any pets such as chickens, ducks that may peck away at the lawn, keep them off the treated area until the fertiliser granules have dissolved. That can be between 2 days and a month depending on the treatment and time of year. We suggest not applying treatments to lawn areas that are frequently used by such pets and can arrange a “no-treatment” area with you. 

The great news is that you can start any time of the year. We have designed an annual lawn care service that means your lawn can beneficial fertiliser, weed or moss control, depending on the time of year. Your lawn contains thousands of living grass plants that need nutrition and help all year round to keep it looking its best. Don’t wait, contact us today and we will be pleased to answer any queries or arrange a free lawn survey for you.

Within a few weeks, often much sooner. As we are working with mother nature, especially with the changeable UK weather, we have summarised a general guide below. Whilst one treatment will be of benefit, we always recommend our annual lawn care plans to get the best long-term results.


Lawns will green up in colour within a couple of weeks of being treated with our fertilisers. In periods of dry weather, it can take longer but we recommend giving your lawn a water to get things mowing sooner. Your lawn will love the drink too! The ongoing benefits will carry on for many weeks to aid healthy grass growth.


Weeds in lawns can take up to three weeks to show signs of dying back, occasionally longer as the weather determines how quickly and they will not all disappear in that time. They naturally break down over a few weeks or get removed when you mow the lawn. We will let you know of any problem weeds, such as speedwell, yarrow or field woodrush that take repeat treatments over many months to control them. Weed control applied in Autumn will take longer to work as the effectiveness is linked to weather and the growth of the weed, which slows after Summer. Weeds on hard surfaces can also take up three weeks to die, longer the colder the weather is. Contact us if you are concerned weeds are still present. 


Moss does not die back and decompose like other weeds. It will be effectively controlled by our moss treatment within a few hours by turning black. It will remain in the lawn. We suggest raking our small patches of dead moss and for widespread moss it will likely require scarifying out in Spring or early Autumn. 

In most cases yes and for many treatments, such as granular lawn feed, rain actually helps them speed up them getting to work. Weed control treatments may need to be rescheduled if we determine it is too wet or rain due imminently after we visit. In such cases, we will let you know. 

Most treatments you do not have to water but some such as our lawn hydration or soil improver need to wash into the soil to get to work. We will ensure you are notified in advance via our appointment emails and the after-service email. However, we do recommend regular lawn watering from mid Spring over Summer to keep the lawn healthy and green. 

We advise to not cut three days before or after our treatments. This is particularly important for weed treatments where the product needs up to 3 days to absorb from the leaf to the root.

Yes but please do read the details below as it does depend on what you will use the clippings for.

Using grass clippings for composting

The selective herbicides we use on lawns are compatible for composting the grass clippings but we advise to allow a minimum of 6 months composting the clippings before using elsewhere as a compost. The selective herbicides used are not residual by design but some can carry a small residual effect. We purposely do not use selective herbicides that are incompatible with composting grass clippings or are known to have a long standing residual effect.

Using Grass Clippings for Mulching:

We advise not using the grass clippings for mulching, around tender plants, vegetables or fruit plants, from the first 4 cuts after the treatment has been applied. Those clippings from the first 4 cuts can be later used if composted for a minimum of 6 months.

We do not give appointment times as unfortunately there are too many factors out of our direct control that influence each customer visit. For instance traffic, weather, and where we will always give time to speak to our customers about their lawn or take time to investigate new lawn issues. You can be assured that we provide advance notice of treatment visits by email 10 and 1 day before.  We are super reliable and do arrive on the appointment date. You are welcome contact the office team to ask about an arrival time on the day and we will do our best to give you an ETA. 

As long as we can gain access to your lawns you do not have to be at home when we visit. Our helpful appointment emails list remind customers to leave access gates unlocked. Where you may have an entry gate code, our customers trust us with a code to gain access. 

Yes please! Whilst we are helpful, and can move off a few small items, your lawn will ultimately benefit from not having items left in place and that includes leaves. Large or heavy items (including trampolines) on the lawn will be left in place for us to work around. 

No, we do not as standard provide a leaf clearance service. We have found as this is an easy task for most customers they are happy to keep leaves clear as part of their own care of their lawn. Remember keeping leaves in place will kill off patches of grass. 

To help our customers not have a delay to their lawn treatment, at our discretion, we may use a leaf blower if the area is small (under 100m2) and the lawn technician has time in their busy day. They will be to move the leaves off the lawn to a border or patio, but not physically clear/bag up leaves.

Is there is too much leaf cover your technician will not be able to perform the planned treatment – you will be notified in person if at home and always by a followup email for us to reschedule. 

No we do not mow lawns as a service. We have found most customers are happy to undertake that task them selves or find a local mowing specialist to help. 


Lawn Care Advice Questions:

Yes, on our first visit we will feedback on the grass condition and understand how you are cutting the lawn and how often. We can advise on cutting height, having sharp mower blades, cutting frequency and much more. For lawn watering we suggest regular watering once we get into the warm mid Spring to early Autumn period. It really is essential to keep the lawn green. We are also happy to provide ongoing advice to our customers too. 

We recommend a weekly cut (or twice weekly if you are keen!) from mid Spring to early Autumn. That will encourage the lawn to thicken up naturally by producing side shoots. That will help reduce weeds and moss forming plus make the lawn amazing to walk on and use. If you have not done that before, give it a try for a month and you will see the improvement. Make sure your mower blades are sharp. If you are not getting a clean cut on the grass, consider taking the mower to a local garden machinery repair firm.

If you allow the lawn to get overgrown and only cut it when it looks too long, you have left it too late and the lawn will need a few weeks to bounce back to good appearance. When you cut an overgrown lawn, the lawn may turn yellow in places and thin out too. If it’s overgrown, take no more than 1/3 off the current height each cut and gradually reduce the height over a few cuts. 

Watering your lawn is your personal choice. Simply put if you want your lawn to stay green between late Spring and early Autumn you may need to water weekly with a sprinkler. If you don’t want to water (that’s ok with us!) yo u may need to undertake more maintenance such as scarifying in Spring or Autumn.

Why? Your lawn is made of thousands of small grass plans, each needing water to survive. Grass is very hardy but when it does not get enough water, it will turn a brown colour and many grass blades die back, leaving unsightly straw-coloured patches in the lawn. As a general guide, we suggest our customers water their lawn once a week from mid Spring to early Autumn. In the hot dry Summer period, more frequent watering is needed. Please check our handy lawn watering cost tool here https://www.lawntiger.co.uk/lawnwateringcosttool

With a combination of moss products in our nutrition package, scarification and aeration. We will assess your lawn to determine what is needed to tackle the moss. Please keep in mind moss will keep growing when its wet/damp or shaded conditions so an ongoing approach is needed. We guide customers on correct mowing and our fertiliser can help the lawn thicken up, which can discourage moss. Not that moss treatments can only be applied when it’s not too hot or dry. We include moss control in our Autumn and Winter treatments as part of the year-round nutrition package. We can provide additional moss treatments too. 

Yes, with our professional only products that work quickly. For most new customers our initial weed treatment will tackle 90% plus of the visible weeds. There are a few problem weeds that we will always point out to you if found in your lawn, such as speedwell, yarrow and field woodrush. We can make an improvement, but those problem weeds take longer to get under control. 

We are voluntary members of BASIS Lawn Assured and the Amenity Standard. This require an annual audit to ensure we demonstrate the highest standards for the safety of our staff, the public and the environment. It means we take weed spraying seriously and will aim to spot spray weeds individually when the weather and lawn conditions are suitable. 

We will check your lawn to understand why the patches have appeared. They can be from lack of water, lawn grubs eating the grass roots, spillage killing the grass, incorrect cutting and so much more. Once we know the cause, we can apply the right services and treatment to fix it. We are experienced in fixed bare patches with the best quality seed to match your lawn type/conditions. We add organic compost top dressing and all the nutrients needed to get excellent germination for a beautify repaired lawn. 

Top dressing can help smooth out very small dips and hollows, which we can help with. A very uneven lawn may need considerable work, sometimes many tonnes of topsoil/top dressing or even to kill off the lawn and start again with rotating and grading with new soil. We do not provide those soft landscaping services but would advise you on considerations to deal with the issue if we can’t directly assist.

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