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Lawn Rescue, Lawn Improver, Overseeding & Patch Repair:

Our Advice

Before we visit

Cut lawn to a height lower than normal, ideally very short. Water the lawn a few days before to ensure the soil is moist to the touch, but not saturated, and not dry. 

After we visit


It’s vital you keep the soil surface/seed moist for 3 weeks, so water accordingly using a hose and a sprinkler. It’s not possible to define the exact amount of time or how many times per day to water. Plan for at least 60 minutes daily, with additional watering each day in dry or warm conditions. If you see water puddling, stop and allow it to drain away. If it rains you may still have to water, so we recommend you check the soil for moisture each day to ensure you are not over or under watering. Is the soil damp to the touch or hard and dry? If dry you must water more often. If the seed dries out it will not germinate. Please note, morning dew is not a substitute for watering. 

Lawn Mowing:

Cut the lawn when the grass is 5cm to 6 cm tall. Go easy if mowing over renovated or seeded areas. Make sure your mower blades are sharp to ensure a clean cut and not rip the young grass shoots out. If you have a wheeled rotary mower, use that for the first few cuts, rather than a roller rotary or cylinder mower.


Using the lawn:

Stay off the lawn as much as possible for the first month. It’s ok to go on the lawn to move the sprinkler and to cut it once the grass is long enough at around 5cm. Cut on a high setting. 

Leaves on lawn:

It’s impossible to stop leaves falling on the lawn, but we encourage you to regularly clear them. If left in place for a few days, leaves can cause the grass underneath to die back. Ideally use a powered leaf blower as it causes less disturbance for the grass seedlings. You can use a plastic leaf rake but be gentle.


Lawn grass coverage:

It will take several months for the new seed to mature and for the existing lawn to recover. A mix of normal seasonal weather, weekly mowing and our lawn treatments will all help the lawn thicken up. It’s normal for renovated/overseeded or repaired bare patches to look thin for a few months. A single 2mm grass shoot can occupy up to 10cm or more diameter when it’s mature. A lawn renovated in Spring can take until late Autumn or later to have thickened up. Similarly a lawn renovated in Autumn can take until late Spring or later to have thickened up. Every lawn is different and the local weather and temperatures influence the progress. Rest assured we’re here to help and answer any queries. 



Weeds may appear, which is normal. Customers who have our seasonal lawn treatments/nutrition plan will have the lawn treated for weeds at the appropriate time of year (allowing 1-2 months after the new grass has appeared).

If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

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