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Lawn Tiger – Business Terms & Conditions v.3.2


“Lawn Tiger” “Our”, “Ours”, “Us” “We” means Lawn Tiger Limited trading as Lawn Tiger. Correspondence address 33 Haroldslea Drive, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9DT. You can also contact Lawn Tiger by email [email protected] or call 01293 974358.

 “Customer”, “You”, “Your” means a Customer requesting a quotation, survey and/or agreeing to take services from Lawn Tiger.

Quotes & Estimates:

Quotes & Estimates are valid for 30 days, after which values and work details may be subject to change. The price quoted or estimated for work includes all labour and materials and VAT, unless otherwise stated. 

Lawn Tiger provides quotes when we have availability to complete the work in the advised time period. However, during peak times of the year, such as early Spring and early Autumn, particularly for lawn renovation work, Lawn Tiger does get fully booked quickly.  We cannot guarantee availability until the Customer accepts the quote in writing. 

All work undertaken will be agreed between Lawn Tiger and the Customer prior to the start date and all work will be completed by Lawn Tiger and or its subcontractors unless otherwise agreed. In the absence of express written agreement to the contrary such goods and/or services are tendered or delivered and work undertaken upon and subject to these terms and conditions only.

Any additions and/or alterations to the quotation shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions and additional payments may be required to cover the agreed changes, if required.

Title of Goods & Stock:

Lawn Tiger may need to purchase goods or stock to complete the agreed service or treatment including when delivered to the Customer’s agreed property. Such goods or stock will remain the property of Lawn Tiger until paid for in full by the customer. Lawn Tiger will always retain title to excess delivered stock and will remove it from site.

Access to your property & lawn:

The Customer shall provide access to the agreed property location(s) during Lawn Tiger’s normal working hours, Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, excluding Bank Holidays, or other hours and days agreed in advance with the Customer. During lawn renovation work it may be necessary to arrive before 8am and finish after 6pm. Should that be required, the times will be communication to the customer in advance

The Customer accepts they may be required to provide Lawn Tiger access to mains water and/or electricity free of charge at the agreed property location to provide the agreed treatments or services. 


Waste means only the waste produced at a Customer’s property by Lawn Tiger in providing the service/treatment. 

Non-green waste such as plastic packaging, wooden pallets, will normally be removed from site unless otherwise agreed with the Customer in writing. 

Green waste will be cleared off a customer’s lawn unless otherwise agreed and stated in the quotation or its covering email. Lawn Tiger will agree with the customer in advance which waste option they require:

  • Onsite compost pile (no charge)
  • Collection by a licenced waste contractor (chargeable) waste will be placed into bulk bags and charged at the per bag rate stated on the quotation. The total number of bags and waste removal charge will be calculated on completion of the work and invoiced separately for the Customer to pay. Lawn Tiger does not remove green waste from customer properties but will arrange for a sub-contractor to perform that task. 
  • Loan bulk bags (no charge unless bags are damaged or lost); provided by Lawn Tiger for the customer to dispose of the green waste. Loan bags remain the property of Lawn Tiger and are to be returned by the Customer in an undamaged and reusable condition within 3 months. Any missing or damaged loan bulk bags will be separately charged to the customer at £8.00 plus VAT per bag.
  • Skip (chargeable); Lawn Tiger can arrange for one or more skips which must be separately quoted for and agreed by the customer at least 14 days in advance. Lawn Tiger cannot guarantee a skip will be feasible and not all properties are suitable for skip access. The customer may arrange their own skip payable by them but Lawn Tiger can’t accept any responsibility for that skip or its suitability of the anticipated waste. 


The Customer can cancel our services any time, by emailing [email protected] or post to Lawn Tiger Limited, 33 Haroldslea Drive, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9DT and must pay any outstanding balance within 7 days. 

Complaints, Accidents & Damage:

The Customer must notify Lawn Tiger of any complaint within 3 weeks  of the completed service or treatment. The notification must be emailed to [email protected] or written to 33 Haroldslea Drive, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9DT. Lawn  Tiger will endeavour to acknowledge your complaint within two business days. Lawn Tiger will consider that basis of your request and any investigation in accordance with their complaints policy. The customer will be kept informed of the outcome.

Lawn Tiger, or their insurer in the event of a claim or Lawn Tiger’s sub-contractor, will make good any damage to the Customer’s property caused by Lawn Tiger or their sub-contractor whilst undertaking the services or treatment. However, Lawn Tiger are not responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing faults or damage to the Customer’s property that Lawn Tiger discovers whilst providing the services.

Lawn Tiger is not able to accept responsibility for damage to (or cost involved with) any underground or overhead hazards, obstructions or utility services not made known by the Customer to Lawn Tiger in writing prior to commencement of the quoted treatment or service. Note that aeration service can penetrate soil up to 13cm deep.

Lawn Treatments:

To provide a quality service to our customers, some lawn treatments and services may be performed on the same visit. For example, and subject to the exact services on a customer’s account,  in the Annual Treatment Plan the Early Summer Lawn Feed and Lawn Weed Treatment will normally both be done on the same visit.  Similarly, the Autumn Lawn Feed and Autumn Moss Treatment will normally be done on the same visit. Other services, including but not limited, to aeration, soil improver and lawn hydration may be completed on the same visit as other treatments. The full agreed cost for each service is payable even if  more than one service being completed on any visit. 

The Customer acknowledges that following application of some treatments, the Customer’s lawn may have a temporary less attractive appearance, including but not limited to scarification, aeration or moss control. It can take several weeks or months depending on the service provided for a lawn to have recovered and in some cases additional services may be required. Example; if we scarify a lawn only, additional seeding as an extra chargeable service may be required to fill in any bare patches.

Treatment Aftercare:

Lawn Tiger will not accept responsibility for any required after care for treatments and services, including but not limited to watering lawns, new turf establishment, seed germination, lawn recovery after scarification or aeration or any other service provided. Aftercare advice is available on our website ( and provided for applicable services in quotes and in the appointment and after service emails sent to customers.

Lawn Tiger will not accept responsibility for any work carried out by or damage caused by a Third Party.


Appointment visits are normally communicated to Customers by automated email 10 and 1 day in advance of the appointment, unless it is not possible to send in those time windows due to, for instance, a customer starting services less than 10 days before their first visit. 

Lawn Tiger are not able to provide Customers with defined arrival times for pre-notified visits due a range of factors outside of our direct control (examples: weather, other customer visit changes, traffic) but will always endeavour to attend on the advised date and notify the Customer at the earliest opportunity should if not be possible to attend as planned. 

Access to the Customer’s Property & Lawn:

Lawn Tiger is typically able to perform treatments and services without the Customer being present.. We need access to the treatment area, so gates need to be unlocked, access to the treatment areas must be clear and parking made available where relevant. 

Lawn Tiger will not accept responsibility or liability to the Customer for delayed visits including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, Lawn Tiger’s machinery/tools or vehicle malfunction or breakdown, staff sickness, staff shortages. Such conditions may cause the delay of agreed visits but this will not affect the original, agreed price, unless both parties agree to a variation.

The removal of dog excrement, litter, leaves or garden furniture, toys or any other items from the Customer’s site, to be serviced or treated, is the responsibility of the Customer. If there is dog excrement or any other items prohibiting required access to the lawn/area to provide the service, Lawn Tiger will not move such items and will apply the treatment/service best possible around the obstructions, but may be able to carry out the all of the agreed work. The Customer will still be charged the full rate for the visit.

If Lawn Tiger’s vehicle or our supplier’s delivery vehicle is prevented access to the Customer’s site on the date of a scheduled visit, or if less than 3 working days’ notice is given by the Customer to Lawn Tiger to cancel or amend a pre-arranged booked visit, Lawn Tiger reserves the right to charge for the original booked visit and associated service or treatment in full, including any associated stock, restocking fees and labour charges.

In the event of vehicle or machinery access at or near a customer’s property not being safely or practically possible to fulfil some or all services, Lawn Tiger cannot accept responsibility for services not able to be completed or any consequential losses incurred by the Customer. In such cases we will ensure timely communication to customers.

Lawn Tiger will charge the Customer a fee of £25.00 plus VAT for denied access for treatment visits, including but not limited to locked gates, blocked access to treatment areas or items on the lawn.


The Customer accepts that Lawn Tiger may take photographs of the Customer’s property. This will be done  to record progress of treatments or use as a record of lawn issues or use for Lawn Tiger’s business marketing. Lawn Tiger will retain full copyright of such images. Personal identifying aspects will be avoided and if present in the photos they will be obscured or removed.

Payment for Services & Deposits:

The Customer will be responsible for all payments to Lawn Tiger. 

Payment of invoices are due 7 calendar days from the date shown on the invoice. 

If any invoice is unpaid after 14 days, Lawn Tiger reserves the right to charge interest at the rates set out below until payment in full is received. The rate of interest for late payment shall be 2% domestic and 8% commercial over the base rate of HSBC Bank as varied from time to time and the rate for the time being payable on judgement debts.

Where a monetary deposit is required from the Customer in advance of the agreed treatment or service, it must be paid in full by the date stated on the quotation or, in the absence of a stated date on the quotation, within 14 days in advance of the initial service or treatment visit by Lawn Tiger to ensure the agreed treatment or service will be progressed and completed. Lawn Tiger will not accept any liability to the Customer for delays and/or direct and/or consequential losses due to the Customer’s non-payment of the deposit.


From time to time Lawn Tiger may offer promotional discounts to customers. The terms of those discounts will be specified in the promotion and they are also bound by these business terms and conditions. 

If any individual treatments in the Annual Treatment Plan are provided with a discount, whether partial or full, the discount is only valid if the full Annual Treatment Plan is taken by the Customer. For example, a Customer can’t choose to have just a free (100% discounted) Lawn Weed Treatment and not have all of the other full price treatments in that Plan. Discounted treatments must also be performed on the same visit as another fully paid for treatment, where that is pre-planned.

Service Year:

Lawn Tiger’s service year runs from 1st March to 28th Feb and we reserve the right to increase prices annually. The following services; Annual Treatment Plan, Aeration (all types), Biology Booster, Hard Surface Treatments, Lawn Hydration, and Soil Improver will automatically renew and will continue from service year to service year, unless the Customer cancels in writing.

Governing Law:

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law.

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