Early Spring Lawn Feed

If your lawn is looking worse for wear after the harsh Winter period, Spring is the perfect time to kick start your lawn care regime to help it become greener and healthier. Grass needs to replenish the nutrients used up over Winter and to take advantage of the favourable Spring growing conditions, to ensure strong healthy growth and avoid the grass becoming thin, weak or disease prone. 

Our Spring fertiliser treatment is designed to give your lawn balanced nutrients for the time year. It's slow release, meaning the grass will only use the fertiliser when needed, so it won't produce excessive top growth. It's too early in the season to effectively treat lawn weeds. That is done at the optimal time in our Late Spring, Summer and Autumn lawn feed visits. 


What's in the fertiliser:

  • Nitrogen for lush green growth.  It's not stored in the soil and regular mowing reduces it in the grass, which is why it's vital for a healthy Spring lawn 

  • Phosphate, Potassium, Iron and a range of trace elements for overall balanced plant health.

How is it applied?

  • Using a professional fertiliser spreader to give the exact dose for your lawn and conditions. 


Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets

  • Gives the grass essential and much needed nutrition

  • Encourages a green, denser grass sward 

  • Gives grass a high resistance to stress 

  • Improve root development

  • Value for money - lasts up to 3 months

Spring Fertiliser Treatment Summary:




Replenishes essential nutrients for healthy, lush green Spring growth 

What is applied:

Granular slow release fertiliser

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