Frequently asked questions: Lawn Care

How soon will I see the benefits of your lawn care or weed control treatments?

As we are working with mother nature, especially with the changeable UK weather! we have summised a general guide below. Whilst one treatment will be of benefit, we always recommend our annual lawn care plans to get the best long term results.

Lawns will green up in colour within a couple of weeks of being treated with our fertilisers. In periods of dry weather it can take longer but we recommend giving your lawn a water to get things mowing sooner. Your lawn will love the drink too! The ongoing benefits will carry on for many weeks to aid heathy grass growth.

Weeds in lawns can take up to three weeks to die, occasionally longer. Some will die back faster than others and they will not all disappear in that time. They naturally break down over a few weeks or get removed when you mow the lawn. Weeds on hard surfaces can also take up to three weeks to die. Contact us if you are concerned weeds are still present.

Moss will not die back and decompose like other weeds. It will be effectively controlled by our moss treatment within a couple of days, but will remain in the lawn and if likely to require raking or ideally our scarification treatment to mechanically remove it. Note that treated moss will go a dark brown/black colour.

Will I be tied into a contract?

In short, no! We offer our services and payment methods with no tie in contract. Whilst we believe you will be impressed by what we can do for your lawn, you are free to stop our services at any point. We only ask that you give us notice in wirting and settle any outsanding charges for any treatments previously applied but not paid for. We will refund you for any paid services not yet applied by us.

Are your products safe?

Our products are legally approved for use, in England, on domestic lawns and hard surface areas. The regulations involved are some of the highest in the world to ensure safety for us all and the envorinment. Our staff have undergone legally required training and certification that allows us to purchase and apply the required products.

Once applied in correct manner, they are safe for humans and pets but we do advise to stay off the treated areas, for 2 hours. This is to allow our products to dry or be absorbed into the grass, moss or weeds. If you have any grass/plant grazing animals/pets, i.e. rabbits, we would advise to keep them off the treated areas for two weeks. We also advise not to compost any grass clippings for a month after we have applied a lawn weed treatment.
We are happy to discuss your specific needs in person when we undertake a lawn care survey or you can contact us with your query.

When can I start lawn care?

Great news! You can start any time of the year. We have designed an annual lawn care service that means your lawn can beneficial fertilser, weed or moss control, depending on the time of year. Your lawn contains thousands of living grass plants that need nutrition and help all year round to keep it looking its best. Dont wait, contact us today and we will be pleased to answer any queries or arrange a free lawn survey for you.

Are you a lawn care franchise?

No, we are an independent lawn care and weed control company focussing on excellent friendly serivce with a more personall touch. Being a trusted local business we understand the soil and weed types, weather and all other conditions that can cause lawn issues, allowing us to provide just what your lawn needs to improve and flourish. We believe we can offer greater flexibility than a franchise in beneficially treating your unique lawn.

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