Lawn Problems: ANTs

Will Ants damage my lawn?

Ants can be a pain as the soil they deposit on the surface will build up and make the lawn bumpy. That will make it harder to mow and you  can scalp grass on  the the ant hills leaving a bare or thinned out areas of grass, needing a repair. The soil ants deposit can smother and kill patches of grass too.

Ant activity with loose soil starting to smother the grass.

HOW can I get rid of ANTs in my lawn?

There are no professional treatments available to effectively eradicate ants so encourage our customers to accept ants as part of nature and having a lawn. 

There are DIY options available, such as any powers and granules. It’s best to use a product you can mix with water and pour over the nest. Ant powders can damage the grass. Alternatively, for a safe biological approach you can purchase nematodes that may target the ants. To set expectations you will need to apply repeat applications as until the queen ant is killed, the nest will remain active. 

HOW can I fix the lawn damage caused by ants?

1. Regularly brush away the loose soil when it’s dry. This prevents the bumps appearing.

2. Repair bare patches with a scattering of grass seed and top soil. This can only be done mid Spring to early Autumn. Water to keep the seed moist for 3+ weeks. For large bare areas, consider some turf. 

3.  If ant hills have made the lawn bumpy, cut around the ant hill with a spade and dig in approx 5 inches below the surface, lift of the the piece of grass, dig out some soil, place the grass back and lightly tread to get it level.

It’s important to remind ourselves that ants are great at aerating the soil and can help reduce others pests in the garden. Many birds will eat them too, so part of a wider food chain. Let them be and know it’s temporary. By early Autumn the peak ant activity will have gone.

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