Scarification is an essential treatment to mechanically remove the build up of thatch and moss in your lawn. It will improves air and water penetration to the soil to allow the grass the thrive, leading to a greener healthy lawn.

Why do I need to scarify my lawn?

In short, to significantly improve the health and appearance of your lawn by removing thatch and moss. Thatch is a build up of dead organic matter sitting above the soil surface. Over time, this layer increases to the point is will effect the grass health. It can't be prevented but the good now is that we can remove it. Thatch will limit water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots, which typically means your lawn will be less drought tolerant, likely to turn brown in hot Summer months and be prone to secondary issue of moss spreading on top of the thatch layer. Scarification is a vital process to help rectify these issues and typically needs doing every two years. 

Our scarification service:

Using the best professional lawn care machinery, we can revive your lawn far more effectively than a DIY approach. Before our visit we ask that you ideally cut your lawn short, which means we can get more thatch out of the lawn. We will go over the lawn 2-3 times at right angles to ensure we get all the thatch out if doing a heavy scarify in Autumn. In Spring we may have to do a lighter scarify with a single pass, due to the sometimes drier and less favourable lawn recovery conditions. We will advise on the best method for your lawn. Scarification produces a lot of green waste which we always clear up and, whilst we encourage onsite recycling, we can arrange to take it away for disposal. 

When can we scarify?

Scarification is an invasive process for a lawn which is why we will only scarify when the grass is actively growing and when there is wet/warm weather, as it take several weeks for the lawn to recover. Scarifying at other times, be it in hot dry or Winter conditions is just not suitable and may cause additional damage to your lawn. 


Lawn recovery after scarification:

Your lawn is likely to look worse after the scarify but rest assured it will improve leaving a more healthy and lush looking lawn. We advise 8-12 week's lawn recovery time and to water the lawn regularly unless there is a lot of regular rain. We may recommend over seeding and top dressing after the scarification, as it gives improved results for a greener, lush lawn. 

Key features:

  • Improves soil structure

  • Reduces soil compaction 

  • Allows more water, nutrients and air to reach the soil/grass roots

  • Helps soil microbial activity

  • Increased grass disease and drought tolerance

  • Provides ideal seed bed when over seeding

  • Grass can become more healthy and denser

  • Improves lawns overall health and appearance

Scarification Treatment Summary:


Spring & early Autumn when grass is actively growing.


Removes dead organic matter & moss, allowing the the lawn to thrive.

What is applied:

Nothing is applied as this we use a machine for the scarification.

Other Treatments that can be done at the same time:

Fertiliser, Aeration, over seeding and top dressing. 

Book your free lawn survey. We will advise how you can get the lawn you've always wanted. 

Scarify in progress

Scarify in progress

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