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On your first treatment visit we’ll give honest, helpful advice on your lawn’s condition and recommend, without obligation, additional beneficial services to make your lawn look great.

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lawn soil probe

We understand every lawn is different and the idea of perfect lawn depends on our customer's requirements. This is where we can really add value as we dont have a one size fits all package. We will inspect your lawn to understand what's working well, what can be improved, plus grass and soil types. We will ask how you look after the lawn covering mowing, watering, feeding and much more. Quite often a few tweaks in your ongoing care, backed by our annual lawn care services really transform a lawn. Our summary will be emailed to you after the visit and we are happy to help with any queries.


This service is offered in addition to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

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In a lawncare packge

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When: All year round
Why: To understand your lawn's current condition on the first annual lawn treatment visit.

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