Late Spring Lawn Feed

Timed for the improved weather and longer daylight hours, the late Spring lawn feed is designed to promote a healthy lush green lawn. We will also apply our Lawn Weed Treatment on this same visit. 


Late Spring Lawn Feed

Key benefits:

  • Safe for children and pets but we advise to stay off the treated area for 2 hours or until visibly dry
  • Far more effective than any products available in garden centres or DIY stores
  • Grass can become more healthy and denser
  • Improves lawn appearance
  • Reduces opportunity for further weeds or moss to take hold in the lawn

This service is offered in additional to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

How can I get this service?

This service is available:
On its own or as part of a lawncare package

Service SuMMARY

When: May-June
Why: Provides additional nutrients to allow grass to flourish and improve it's health and appearance into Summer.

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