Summer Lawn Feed

Summer time is challenging for UK lawns as grass continues to grow in hot, dry spells. To get the best from your lawn we recommend applying a Summer specific 100% coated, slow release,  fertiliser and to water your lawn regularly. 

Our non scorch Summer lawn feed treatment is designed to give your lawn balanced, slow release nutrients for the time of year. This means the grass will only use the fertiliser when needed, so it won't produce excessive top growth. We advise to regularly water your lawn in such conditions, which also gets the fertiliser into the soil and working for the benefit of the lawn sooner. We will also spot treat the visible weeds for customers who also have our Lawn Weed Treatment service. 


What's in the fertiliser?

  • Nitrogen for controlled lush green growth.  It's not stored in the soil and regular mowing reduces it in the grass, which is why it's vital for a healthy Summer  lawn 

  • Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and a range of trace elements for overall balanced plant health and to provide fresh summer colour.

How is it applied?

  • Using a professional fertiliser spreader to give the exact dose for your lawn and conditions. 


Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets. 

  • Designed for hot, dry Summer conditions, reducing risk of scorching grass.

  • Encourages a green, denser grass sward 

  • Includes organic bio-stimulants with amino acids to help stressed lawns & nurture beneficial soil microbes. 

  • Provides long lasting, balanced growth

  • Improve root development

  • Value for money - lasts up to 3 months

Summer Lawn Feed Summary:


Between June-August.


Replenishes essential nutrients for healthy, long lasting, balanced Summer growth.

What is applied:

Granular, non-scorch, slow release fertiliser.

Other Treatments that can be applied at the same time:

Lawn Weed Treatment

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