Lawn Care Plans

As we live in a season climate, a lawn will have varying nutritional needs throughout the year, in addition to controlling weeds and moss. That can't be achieved with one off treatments.  We recommend an annual lawn care plan to our customers and, to make this easy, we will advise the best plan for you.

The Lawn Improver packages will always benefit a lawn in any condition, all year round, so we have a range to suit customer requirements and budgets. These are the foundation of your lawn care needs. 

The Lawn Repair packages are designed to get a lawn back from poor condition or appearance and typically are a one off option but are taken with a Lawn Improver package. Once the lawn is back to good health and appearance the Lawn Improver package takes care of the year round requirements. 

Lawn Improver Packages  


The foundation of a great lawn. Year round, long lasting lawn feed, to help the grass become more healthy, green& tackles unsightly weeds & moss.




Nutrition Package



Aeration *

Includes the Nutrition Package with an Aeration that's vital for a robust, healthy green lawn. Gets water, oxygen & food to the grass roots where its needed the most. It will also help reduce damaging soil compaction & improve surface drainage.




Essentials Package




Soil Improver


Biology Booster

Includes all of the Essentials Package & will supercharge your lawn with natural & organic based soil improver & beneficial microbial goodness.

Healthy soil leads to a healthy lawn.



Lawn Repair Packages


Ideal for lawns needing some TLC, or are thin & patchy. Adds best quality seed to match your existing grass, organic recycled top dressing to nourish the lawn for lush green dense coverage.




Pre Restore Treatment


Over Seeding

Top Dressing

Lawn Hydration

Lawn/germination check  visit 1

Lawn/germination check visit 2

For lawns in poor condition, needing a complete makeover. Results in a great looking lawn at considerably less cost than re-turfing. We will use the best quality seed to match your lawn's existing grass type & key considerations including, sunny or shady garden, soil type, how you plan to use and maintain the lawn.



Bespoke Packages:

Additional services can be added to any package, ensuring you get the bespoke service and a beautiful lawn. This means best value as you won't pay for unnecessary services.

Thinking of re-turfing?

Our Restore package can transform your lawn for up to 60% less cost than turfing and will typically lead to a better lawn long term. Turfing a 50m2 lawn may cost up to £1000. Our  comprehensive Restore service, would cost just £398, saving £602.

Indicative prices based on on a 50m2 lawn and 12 monthly payments.

Enhance & Restore packages require either Essentials & Boost packages.

How it works:

  1. Contact us to request a free lawn care quote. We measure your lawn online online, email you a quote for our year round nutrition plan, which is the foundation of a great lawn and will always benefit a lawn in any condition. 

  2. If you are happy with the quoted price, we will setup your account and payment method.

  3. When we visit your property for the first treatment, we will thoroughly inspect your lawn, check the measurements and provide updated advice on how we can improve your lawn. If the lawn is suffering from poor health or not looking so good we will give honest advice on how to fix that and the best time of year to do so.

  4. We are flexible in our approach to ensure our services match the expectations for your lawn and your preferred budget. Rest assured your lawn will be in safe hands!

Payment options:

1.  Spread the cost the with hassle free monthly instalments.

2. Pay after each service via our Autopay system. 

For both options, simply register a debit/credit card securely with us, which is automatically charged for the agreed amount, whether for monthly instalments or pay after each service is done. Our customer website allows you to check the full service and payment history too. There is no tie-in contract and you are free to cancel or change your services at any time.

We are open Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00.   Contact Us. 

Call 01293 974358. If you call us outside of those times, please leave a message, and we will get back in touch the next working day

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