Winter Lawn Treatment & Moss Control

During Winter grass will go dormant and does not need a feed to assist growth. The damp conditions can lead to rapid moss growth and lawn diseases, such as fusarium. 

To keep your lawn healthy over this cold period, it needs a heavy dose of iron to help harden the grass. 

Our Winter lawn treatment is designed to control the spread of moss by dehydrating and killing it off. It will also aid the development chlorophyll in the grass plant, which encourages a Winter green-up, whilst hardening the grass for the harsh winter weather. 


Winter Lawn Treatment & Moss Control

What's in the treatment?

  • Liquid Iron to control moss and provide a green-up in grass colour. 
  • Trace elements to aid the overall health of the grass plant. 

How is it applied?

  • Using a professional sprayer to apply the correct dose for your lawn and conditions. 

Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Controls moss
  • Hardens the grass for the Winter, reducing the chance of lawn diseases
  • Gives the lawn a nice green-up in colour. 

This service is offered in additional to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

How can I get this service?

This service is available:
On its own or as part of a lawncare package

Service SuMMARY

When: December-February
Why: Controls moss & hardens the grass for Winter, leading to a more healthy lawn for Spring.
Other services that can be applied at the same time:
Aeration (weather/ground conditions dependant)
What is applied: Liquid feed and moss control.

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