As we live in a season climate, a lawn will have varying nutritional needs throughout the year, in addition to controlling weeds and moss, that can’t be achieved with one off treatments.  We recommend an annual lawn care plan to our customers and, to make this easy, we will advise the best plan for you.


Our Lawn Care packages will always benefit a lawn in any condition, all year round, so we have a range to suit customer requirements and budgets. These are the foundation of your lawn care needs. 

The foundation of a great lawn. Year round, long lasting lawn feed, to help the grass become more healthy, green& tackles unsightly weeds & moss.

This package includes:

Starting from
£9.79 per month
Includes the Nutrition Package with an Aeration that's vital for a robust, healthy green lawn. Gets water, oxygen & food to the grass roots where its needed the most. It will also help reduce damaging soil compaction & improve surface drainage.

This package includes:

Starting from
£14.20 per month
Includes all of the Essentials Package & will supercharge your lawn with natural & organic based soil improver & beneficial microbial goodness. Healthy soil leads to a healthy lawn

This package includes:

Starting from
£24.09 per month

Lawn Renovation Packages

Our Lawn Renovation packages are designed to transform a lawn in poor condition to a lush green space for you and your family to enjoy. 

Lawn Improver
Ideal for lawns needing thatch/moss removed, or are thin & patchy. We scarify then add quality seed for lush green dense coverage.

This package includes:

Starting from
£25.06 per month
Lawn Rescue
A complete service to restore lawns in poor condition, that suffer from excessive thatch, moss, bare patches or weeds. It will give you a great looking, healthy lawn at considerably less cost than re-turfing. Includes heavy scarification, hollow tine aeration, overseeding, seed fertiliser, organic top dressing, detailed aftercare advice and two follow up checks.

This package includes:

Starting from
£44.95 per month

Prices are based on 50m2 lawn and 12 monthly payments.

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