Lawn Improver

Ideal for lawns that need some TLC due to thatch or moss building up, often with thinned out areas of grass. This is a cost effective, routine maintenance option to  improve the lawn. We typically recommend this service every 2-3 years to keep your lawn in great shape.

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bright green lawn improver

This service is typically completed on a single visit. Here's what to expect on the day.

  1. Scarification - done twice to remove thatch and moss build up.
  2. Green waste is cleared off the lawn.
  3. Aeration -  with either fracture or solid tine machine. This opens up the soil, helps relieve compaction and creates better seed to soil contact for germination
  4. Overseeding - using quality seed to match your lawn environment or even introduce a better performing seed type as needed.
  5. To finish off, we may use a special drag matt to push the seed down to the soil, leaving the lawn neat and tidy.


It will be essential that you start watering with your hose and sprinkler asap once we're finished. The seed needs to be kept damp to get it to germinate. That will mean watering one or more times per day for 15-30 minutes. We have detailed aftercare advice here.

Green waste removal from site is not included as we find most customers prefer the "no cost" option to dispose of it themselves. If needed, we can arrange for licensed waste contractor to remove the waste. Please ask for details and costs.

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Service Summary

Included in this package
When: April to early May, late August to early October
Why: To remove thatch/moss, aerate and add quality seed to make your lawn look better and more healthy.
Other services that can be applied at the same time:
Top Dressing
What is applied: Double pass scarification, Aeration, Professional grade grass seed to match your lawn environment, fertiliser to help seed establish. Drag mat finish.

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