Pre-Restore Treatment

Lawns in need of our Restore service typically have a lot of moss and weeds. The Pre-Restore Treatment is designed to prepare the lawn for the restore process by dehydrating moss (turning it a dark/black colour) and to kill off weeds when conditions and timescales allow. The treatment also gives the lawn a micro-nutrient feed that will assist its recovery form the lawn restore service. 


What's in the treatment?

  • Liquid Iron to control moss and provide a green up in grass colour. 

  • Trace elements to aid the overall health of the grass plant. 

  • *If weather and timing if suitable before the lawn restore service, we may also spray broadleaf weeds in the lawn with our lawn weed treatment. 

How is it applied?

  • Using a professional sprayer to apply the correct does for your lawn and conditions. 


Key features:

  • Safe for children and pets (allow lawn to visibly dry before using)

  • Controls moss

  • Hardens the grass

  • Gives the lawn a nice green up in colour

  • *Tackles broadleaf weeds 

Pre-Restore Treatment Summary:


Typically 1-4 weeks before a lawn restore. 


Dehydrates moss in preparation for scarification & gives micro nutrient feed to the lawn. 

What is applied:

Moss control with optional weed control.

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