Lawn Hydration Treatment

Our special Lawn Hydration treatment is designed to improve the effectiveness of available water on your lawn, especially in hot, dry weather. It will get water, via rain or your watering, deeper into the soil to the grass roots where it’s needed the most. This leads to a more healthy and greener lawn. 

Our treatment will last 3 months – this far exceeds the 1 month many other lawn care companies offer. We offer better value for money .

For best  results we recommend our program of lawn hydration treatments being applied approximately 3 months apart starting in Spring. 

Our Lawn hydration treatment can also help prevent and cure a condition called dry patch by breaking down a waxy soil fungi substance that can build up in dry weather. Dry patch means the soil will not absorb water and can kill off the grass or stop newly seeded areas from establishing. 

If your lawn is aerated before the lawn hydration treatment it will enhance the results by getting the treatment deeper into the soil. 

Service Details

Lawn Hydration

Lawn Hydration service explanation illustration

How is it applied?

Liquid blanket sprayed over your lawn or granules using a spreader depending on time of year. You will need to give your lawn  good watering, after the treatment has been applied, to make it effective. If you are not in a position to water your lawn, this treatment may not give the desired results.

Key Features

  • Optimise uptake of water into the soil, leading to more healthy, green grass
  • Can correct and prevent localised Dry Patch
  • Improve drainage in wet conditions - help move water for the surface
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Gives grass a greater resistance to stress & drying out in hot dry weather.

This service is offered in addition to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

How can I get this service?

This service is available:
On its own or as part of a lawncare package

Service Summary

When: Between April - September
Why: Improves water penetrating the soil to keep grass green & healthy.
Other services that can be applied at the same time:
Lawn Aeration
What is applied: Tiny granules.

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