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We are passionate about improving soil health as it will result in a more healthy grass plant and a beautiful lawn. Aeration (Autumn) is one process, as is scarification (Spring/Early Autumn) to help the soil. We can also offer a soil improver treatment for any soil type that’s perfect for applying form mid Autumn to early Spring. Containing organic composted cow manure, humic acid, seaweed and calcium it will benefit all soil types and the grass in your lawn. 

Simply put, this will enhance the fertiliser treatments and help your lawn even more!


Service Details

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What is the soil improver treatment?

It will improve the soil structure by increasing aeration, availability of nutrients and enhance the soil’s natural eco system. It can loosen up compacted, hard soils and clay soils and release locked up nutrients. We believe that if the soil health is good then grass plant will thrive too. For best results repeat applications (twice per year Spring and Autumn) will be needed ongoing. 

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Why have this treatment?

  • Improves soil structure with many repeated applications, plus helps loosen compacted and claggy clay soils
  • Enables the grass plant to absorb more nutrients, meaning fertiliser treatments are more effective.
  • Enhances air (oxygen) and water exchange to the grass roots.
  • Better aeration results
  • Improves drainage
  • Reduces soil cracking and crusting
  • Helps the essential soil microorganism ecosystem
  • Strengthens grass against lawn disease and drought conditions
  • A natural based product containing organic composted cow manure.

This service is offered in addition to our lawncare services, contact us for more information

How can I get this service?

This service is available:
On its own or as part of a lawncare package

Service Summary

When: Mid-Autumn to early Spring
Why: Improves soil health for better grass root development & grass plant health
Other services that can be applied at the same time:
What is applied: A natural based, safe granular product.

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