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Lawn Tiger provide a range of services to care for your lawn all year round.  We also provide tailored services for for specific issues, such as lawn repairs, soil improvers, lawn disease treatments and much more.  Please browse our services below to learn more about how we can help your lawn thrive.

Lawn nutrition

Lawns need regular feeding throughout the year as nutrients are lost from the weather, mowing and use of the lawn. Our nutrition package treatments are carefully planned, using the best products to make your lawn look greener and more healthy all year round. 

Free Lawn Survey
On your first treatment visit we’ll give honest, helpful advice on your lawn’s condition and recommend, without obligation, additional beneficial...
Early Spring Lawn Feed
If your lawn is looking worse for wear after the harsh Winter period, Spring is the perfect time to kick start your...
Early Summer Lawn Feed
Timed for the improved weather and longer daylight hours, the early Summer lawn organic based feed is designed to promote...
Lawn Weed Treatment
Weeds will start to grow, in your lawn between Spring and early Autumn with favourable, warmer wet weather. As weeds...
Summer Lawn Feed
Summer time is challenging for UK lawns as grass continues to grow in hot, dry spells. To get the best from your...
Autumn Lawn Feed
Autumn conditions, with decreasing daylight and temperatures, means the grass will start to slow down its growth. The lawn will...
Autumn Moss Treatment
The darker and damp Autumn conditions will encourage moss to grow easily and spread over your lawn, ruining it’s appearance....

Tailored Services

Our tailored services are at the heart of a healthy lawn. Allowing the lawn to breathe, grow and stay free from disease are of key importance, when caring for your lawn. Below are a range of treatments designed to tackle specific issues. Please get in touch to discuss any of these services.

Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatment for your lawn with long lasting benefits. Using professional machine for best...
Scarification is an essential treatment to mechanically remove the build-up of thatch and moss in your lawn. It will improve...
Overseeding is the process of adding additional seed to an existing lawn to thicken the sward and improve the overall...
Top Dressing
Top dressing adds the best quality soil to your lawn to aid seed germination in lawn repairs or to help...
Lawn Hydration Treatment
Our special Lawn Hydration treatment is designed to improve the effectiveness of available water on your lawn, especially in hot,...
Soil Improver
We are passionate about improving soil health as it will result in a more healthy grass plant and a beautiful...

Specialist Services

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We Can Revive your Lawn

We love the challenge of restoring a lawn and seeing the positive results. Ask us how we can help revive your lawn for a fraction of the cost of re-turfing, plus our approach is more environmentally friendly with less waste and transportation. 

Tired lawn filled with thatch & weeds

Tired lawn filled with thatch & weeds

Scarified, aerated, overseed & top dress

Scarified, aerated, overseed & top dress

6 weeks later - fresh, lush green grass

6 weeks later - fresh, lush green grass

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